"Of all my oppas… neighborhood oppa is the best."

Lol I loved this scene


I only know that the first time is accidental, the second time is inevitable, and the third time is by fate.


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

If you’re watching this, it’s because of your disgusting genetic disease. You just let yourself go. Amnesia.


Gun finally succeeds after 5 attempts.

"You need to stay by my side for sure now, forever. Just like the chip, got it?"

"To me, there isn’t a second that I want to be away from you. Starting now, let’s be together for a long time."

- Look, Kim Mi Young… Don’t misunderstand. Even if you say that you found out about everything, nothing changes. My disease won’t change, and I… I don’t have the right to love you.

- Why do you need a “right” to love? I’m saying that it’s okay. That ticking bomb… even if we don’t know when it would explode, don’t be scared in advance. No matter what happens, I won’t let you be alone, even when you’re hurt. I love you.


3 of Korea's hottest celebrities do the ALS ice bucket challenge:
popular actors Jang Hyuk & Hyun Bin and superstar Rain 



Sottotitoli in italiano - episodio 3 QUI


This is a candy that helps to fulfill love. I believe the words of people who say that if you confess with this candy, you succeed.

Ugh these two will be the end of me!!


Seriously, feels and comedy… I love this show!


How Lee Geon deals after Mi-young with runaway-wife-mode left.


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